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Merlin ventilation interlock Pack with 0.75" Valve - CT1250-075
Merlin ventilation interlock Pack with 0.75" Valve - CT1250-075

Merlin CT1250 package includes:

1 x Merlin CT1250 Ventilation Interlock System (With In built current monitoring for two fans)
1 x 0.75” Gas Solenoid Valve (see below for other sizes available)
1 x Remote Emergency Stop

Accessory supplied may be different to those shown in picture

Valve Sizes Available.
Merlin CT1250 Package with 0.50” Valve 
Merlin CT1250 Package with 0.75” Valve 
Merlin CT1250 Package with 1.00” Valve 
Merlin CT1250 Package with 1.25” Valve 
Merlin CT1250 Package with 1.50” Valve 
Merlin CT1250 Package with 2.00” Valve 

Merlin CT1250
The Merlin CT1250 ventilation interlock system, with built in current monitoring, is designed specifically for use in commercial kitchens to meet BS6173: 2001, which is now a much-recognised standard in the catering industry.
This panel is to be used when the kitchen appliances do have flame failure devices, therefore Gas proving is not a requirement.

The Merlin CT1250 acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the gas solenoid valve. The system has a built in power monitor which is a method used for interlocking a kitchens gas supply with the ventilation system. As an alternative to pressure differential switches the CT1250 is designed to monitor the electrical current going to a ventilation fan. When the fan is turned “on” the CT1250 monitors the electrical current going to the fan motor, when there is sufficient current going to the fan motor our panel receives a signal to indicate the fans are operating. Turning the key to the “on” position will open the gas solenoid valve. If the fans should fail, the “fan fault” LED on the panel will illuminate and the gas solenoid valve will close.
When there is a “fan fault” the supply fan or extract fan led on the Merlin CT1250 panel fascia will flash. This informs the electrician or kitchen staff which fan has failed. Operating the system in the above manner will ensure the requirements of BS6173: 2001 are fully met where all the catering equipment has flame failure devices fitted.

Installation for the Merlin CT1250 is easy as there is no calibration. Wiring of the system is straightforward using volt free connections for all BMS and remote emergency stops. A corgi-registered installer would be required to fit the gas solenoid valve. All panels and gas solenoid valves supplied by S&S Northern carry a full 3-year manufactures warranty.

Current Monitoring
Calibration of the current monitor is easy, once wired set the fan speed controller to setting 1 (or low setting) for example. Turn the blue rotary switches anti-clockwise until the green LED goes out, then slowly turn clockwise until the green LED is again illuminated. This will give you the minimum current requirement, if the fan is turned off the LED will go out, send a signal to the Merlin panel, which will in turn shut off the gas.

Key features of the Merlin CT1250

• Allows Compliance with BS6173: 2001 for commercial kitchens
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Complete all in one box
• Can be used when pressure differential switches cannot be used e.g. wall-mounted fans
• Reliable method of interlock, with no moving parts there’s little to go wrong
• Straightforward to install and calibrate. The CT1250 can be easily adjusted to the users requirements
• This method is not recommended with belt driven fans
• Easy installation
• BMS Terminals Normally Closed or Normally open and common.
• Will accept remote emergency shut-off buttons
• Three year warranty
• All Merlin systems are designed to comply with the latest CE requirements and low voltage directives

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 Delivery Information
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